Well, it’s the 3rd Wednesday of Middle School Youth group (otherwise known as “msy” around these parts). We’re running the programming and teaching time with the students differently this year, and while we are all on a learning curve, we’re slowly getting used to small groups being the primary focus during the teaching time.

Last week we showed Bruno Mars’ music video for his hit song “Grenade” as a countdown to our official start time. I don’t normally play music like that at msy, but I wanted to show a follow up video to the official music video. You see, almost all of the middle school students have heard this song and love it. It’s currently a very popular song. I came across a video from three youth pastors who humorously talked through the “implications” of listening to “Grenade.” The students (and the leaders) really enjoyed listening to these three guys talk through actually doing some of the things mentioned in “Grenade” and how crazy and ridiculous it really is. It’s a humorous, yet wise way, to help the students think critically about the music they listen to.

The video is embedded and linked below:

source YouTube


    • The students loved and laughed thru the video… A great way to humorously cause them to think about the music they listen to, it was great! I’ll ask the students next week and see if they’ve got any suggestions I can pass on… I’m sure they will!

  1. Thanks for sharing this Jeremy! I know even as an adult I need to be reminded of what I’m listening to sometimes. What a hilarious way to get the point across! Thank you for putting so much time into our young people! I really hope you are still around when Tyler gets up there!

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