Recently, I’ve written about curriculum here and here.

Choosing and evaluating curriculum is tricky. In some ways it is an evolutionary process (at least that has been my experience). What I’ve used in the past, I wouldn’t necessarily use again. Our curriculum and programming needs at Hayward Wesleyan Church are changing and deepening each year. What worked 8 years ago might not work in the same way now. I’m maturing and different. Our community in the same way. Curriculum needs to be retooled, added to and subtracted from. And curriculum needs to be continually contextualized. What’s written in a cubicle at a publishing house or submitted over Wi-Fi at coffee shop, does not transfer to a particular church in a particular community in particular region of the country. Local leaders, teachers and volunteers must do that.

Choosing curriculum is a huge decision. There are so many options and there can be so many different facets to consider. Publishers always put their best foot forward, but how do you know if their materials are best for your church? Here are some important questions to ask as you evaluate curriculum.

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