During Followers 2010-2011, the students interacted with phrases, verses and Bible stories. On the last day of Followers, we had the students write down some practical applications of actually practicing these principles in real life. This series “Quotes from kids” will share what the kids wrote:

Say it Phrase: Sometimes life’s an unfair ride, but I know God’s on my side.

Say it Verse: Obey completely those who rule over you. Those who now rule have been chosen by God. Romans 13:1


  • God is by my side
  • Smile
  • Ask for help
  • When a sister has a toy that you want
  • When you don’t get invited somewhere fun
  • Tell Mom and Dad
  • Pray for others
  • When we don’t get something we want
  • Tell a teacher
  • Remember, God loves you
  • When your brother has a DS (Nintendo) and you don’t
  • When a brother has $$ and we don’t
  • We can share things we don’t have
  • Don’t complain