I was reading the USA Today and I came across an article entitled, “The 10 Coolest Book Apps for Fall” and the number 1 listing was a book app called: “Glo Bible” (globible.com).

Lavishly enhanced with more than 700 images of religious art, 2,300 full-color photos and 500 virtual tours of Biblical sites, 140 interactive maps and study tools, the interactive Glo Bible is a state-of-the art book app. Integrating digital text and media in a mesmerizing experience, and already named the 2010 Bible of the Year by the Evangelical Publisher’s Association, it’s now available with new features for additional platforms. The free “Glo Lite” version includes the King James and New International Version, and samples of the eye-popping reference tools in the premium edition. New iPad and iPhone versions also include an atlas linking Bible verses, articles and media to detailed maps with zoom-in capability.

I really like the initiative of programmers and developers (especially in the biblical scholarship world) to take “old” forms of media and transform and apply them to “new” forms of media. Well done!

HT USA Today
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