When our church moved from its old location to the new one several years ago, the church bell came over as well but ended up in storage for a while. A special “bell” house was built between the church building and the highway to house the bell and keep it operational at designated times.

It’s funny, but a student the other day asked me what was in that thing (the bell house) and I told him, “A bell.” He asked if it worked, and I told him I had no idea. I think it did work at one time, but hadn’t heard it ring in a long time.

Well that question wound it’s way to the right people and they set to work to find out why the bell hasn’t rung in a while. Turns out the motor that rotates the bell when assigned was shot and needed to be replaced.

While they were fixing things the other day, I stopped over by the bell house to look inside as I had never seen inside nor the bell. It is huge! I had no idea a really cool, old, huge bell was inside. I had thought that it was a “wimpy” sort of bell, but this thing took a logging truck/rig to move and place it in its spot.

I was told that the bell has a date on it of 1906. Wow. That’s an old bell. I have a new-found respect for that weird looking bell house that sits on our property now.