During Followers 2010-2011, the students interacted with phrases, verses and Bible stories. On the last day of Followers, we had the students write down some practical applications of actually practicing these principles in real life. This series “Quotes from kids” will share what the kids wrote:

Say it Phrase: When others’ tempers start to rise, turn down the heat with a cool surprise.

Say it Verse: A gentle answer turns anger away. But mean worlds stir up anger. Proverbs 15:1


  • Take a breath and count to 3
  • Smile, walk away, pray for them, act like it didn’t happen
  • Ignore and take a deep breath
  • Talk quietly
  • Walk away
  • Turn around and talk to them
  • Hunt on your own
  • Count down from 10
  • Tell them it’s okay
  • Let them talk about why they are angry
  • Instead of yelling back at someone just take a breath
  • Act calmly when people start yelling
  • Pray: “God help me calm down”
  • Turn the other cheek
  • Yell into a pillow
  • Ask for courage from God
  • Think before you yell back
  • Talk to them kindly