On Sunday, August 14, 2011, I preached a sermon entitled: “What’s the Point?”

The message had to do with what’s the point of being a Christian, a “Gospel-Person” as we have been saying lately. It fleshed out the Gospel in narrative form rather than a bullet-list. The conversation ended up swirling around Galatians 2:20 and how the YOU is gone/dead and CHRIST is in/alive. The implications of the Gospel are staggering… exciting, but definitely staggering.

A statement was also made about the Bible: “The Bible is about God continually working to fix this world through his kind of special people in order to make his kind of world.”

Have a listen… enjoy!

What’s the Point? (7.32mb, mp3)
What’s the Point? (78.2kb, pdf)
The Pirate Who Tried to Capture the Moon, by Dennis Haseley (available used through Amazon)