We’ve got this running joke in our family right now:

Amanda loves to plan ahead and is thinking about costumes for Halloween and Trunk or Treat @ Hayward Wesleyan for us and the girls (last year they were princesses and I was the prince). She came across an idea to do a family, four-person, collage of sorts. And after brainstorming for a few minutes together, we came up with the idea of doing a Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie.

Amanda and I would be the “cookie” ends, and the girls would be the “double stuff”. Great idea, eh? Yeah, we thought we had come across the best idea since sliced bread (we had thought about peanut butter and jelly sandwich, too!).

Anyway, we hadn’t pitched the idea to the girls yet, and Sari (much like her Mom) likes to plan ahead as well. She commented the other day (after watching a certain movie) that she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween. We then told her our idea of doing the Double Stuff Oreo cookie and she flat out refused. She wanted to be a mermaid.

So that’s the running joke in our family. We’ll mention how we are going to be a Double Stuff Oreo cookie as a family and then Sari will exclaim: “No! I want to be a mermaid!” Then we’ll laugh, tease Sari for a bit, then relent.

Macie still hasn’t decided what what she wants to do. I think she is puzzled by Mom and Dad’s excitement about this Double Stuff Oreo idea, but can’t reconcile why her awesome big sister, Sari, doesn’t like it. We’ll see what happens!