I’m sitting in my office right now working on choosing curriculum for Followers 2011-2012. I’ve used a couple of Elevate 8-pack series in the past and really enjoyed them, but that was a couple of years ago. Since then they have exploded the series they have produced. If my count is accurate they have 27 series (with 8 lessons in each)!

I went to each of the 27 series and printed off the scope and sequence pdf for each one and I laid them on the floor of my office to preview them.


  1. I too have used Elevate for a while great stuff. The only complaint I might have is that it lacks flexibility. But definitely great production and content.

    Matt N.

    • When we used Elevate’s curriculum we plugged a few of the media elements into our existing theme and structure, the Bible story and the Skit. Not quite sure how the built-in programmatic structure works, but it looks like everything is there in “a preset” order on the DVD. Is that what you mean by “inflexibility”? Just curious…

  2. Wow! Just found your post, Jeremy! How great to see all our work laid out at once. Pretty cool. If you have any questions, please let us know! I’d love to know what series you picked and why. Thanks for posting.

    • John, thanks for checking in! We ended up using “Upside Down Town” for the first half of our after school series. Our team loved it as well as the students. It did a great job being really clear on how following Jesus is quite different, and often “upside down”, to the way the world looks at things.

      I also really liked the Dr. Suess rhyming part, too! Very creative!

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