A while back I came across a blog entitled: EpicParent.tv Great blog! There were (and still are) so many thought provoking ideas and conversations going on in this blog. It’s refreshing. My intent was to tackle some of these issues one at a time (and I still might in the future). But these links have been sitting in my hopper for a couple of months, unshared, and I felt it was time to share.

So here are my top 11 posts from EpicParent.tv:

  1. Are You Confused About Spanking? 10 Tips on Discipline
  2. 10 Creative (and Funny) Discipline Ideas
  3. Are You a When – Then Parent?
  4. Answer Your Kids’ Questions
  5. 10 Tips to Protect Your Kids on Facebook
  6. Don’t Force Your Kids
  7. There’s a Difference Between Tattling and Telling
  8. EpicParent Sex Check
  9. 15 Things to Tell Your Teenage Daughter Before She Closes Her Eyes
  10. Force Your Kids To Go To Church
  11. Parents, Please Slow Down!


  1. Thank u so much for the EP love this week. Can’t believe ur sharing all these posts. Thank u so much!!

    • No problem, Chris! You’ve got some great thoughts and wonderfully
      worded content that I think others will really enjoy and find helpful!

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