I have a lot of ideas. Sometimes more ideas than the time to accomplish them. It is really easy for me to start things… but a whole lot more difficult for me to finish things. I’m realizing this about myself.

Last year, after our big remodel project in which we expanded our children and youth space at the church, I felt it was pressing to get our new playground ordered and up and running because we had removed our old playground. The students has been raising $$ for the previous 2 years in order to get a new playground and I felt it was important to honor their hard work and get the playground done.

Hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it?

I should have waited. We got the playground last summer, but it took 3 months to erect. Then the snow came early so we didn’t have time to finish the weed fabric, landscape timbers, and mulch. This spring was really busy as well as the summer.

And finally, finally, we got it done! The weed fabric is down. The landscape timbers are in. And 26 yards of playground mulch is in. That means it is safe and ready to go!

Whew! That project only took one year!

This project was so visibly “undone” and unfinished that I think I learned something about myself: don’t start a project unless you’re committed to getting it done in a timely manner and with an appropriate amount of help.