Every Life Has a Story Video


We travel through life so fast nowadays that we forget or are often unaware that every person we walk by, drive by and/or push a Walmart cart by has a story. Maybe it’s a success story or a painful story or perhaps a disjointed, cracked story. Maybe their stories are old and they bare the scars. Or maybe they are recent and fresh and raw.

I’m not saying that we have to stop everyone we meet to ask them to share their story, they might look at you weird. Why I am sharing this is that maybe, just maybe, in our hectic, fast-paced world, if we remember that every person has a story, perhaps we will treat them less like a stranger and an inconvenience, and more like a human with respect and patience and dignity. Hopefully our “digital” lives and worlds don’t negate real humanity and the genuine stories that are inherent in the creatures God decided to place His “image” in – humanity.

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