Evening Activities


Yesterday after work, I picked up the girls at daycare and was intending (like normal) to go straight home. The girls (actually Sari) had other plans.

Sari: “I want to go to God’s house!” (that’s code for “let’s go to church and play, and possibly get some candy from Dad’s office!”)

I wasn’t in a hurry to get home so I thought that Sari’s idea was good (the play part, not the candy part!). However, as we pulled into the parking lot of the church, I suggested going over to a friend’s house. This idea sounded good to the girls, so we went on.

When we arrived at our friend’s house they were moving stuff out! (In case you’re not from the Hayward area, we’ve had some intense severe storms here lately). Many shingles on their roof had blown up and back down during one storm and the subsequent rain storms proceeded to “carve” their way in to their home. Anyway, the girls’ friends weren’t there, but my friend invited us in for the girls to play with their toys for a bit. That was fun!

Then we were headed back to God’s house after a little while and Sari had another idea.

Sari: “Dad! Let’s play at the Rainbow playground!” (that’s code for the colorful playground located at First Lutheran Church in Hayward).

So we went there and played for a bit. Then we saw some other friends across from the Rainbow playground playing on their trampoline, so we went over there and visited for a little while.

It was a fun evening of activities! All of this happened in a span of an hour and a half and the girls had a blast touring around visiting people and playing! I had fun, too, because I got to talk with some people! Fun times!

By the way, Macie just goes along with whatever Sari is doing! She just loves her big sister! (most of the time…)