This video pokes fun at engaging life through Facebook or outside activity.

Toyota is cleverly advertising an “active” lifestyle of an empty-nested couple (who are “out” with their friends hiking and biking) versus the “inactive” lifestyle of their daughter (who is “in” on her computer commenting).

While this is social satire, it is true. I imagine that “Digital Immigrants” (those who did not grow up with digital technology) look at the “Digital Natives” (those who are, and have, grown up with digital technology) as not enjoying what real life “outside” has to offer. I further imagine that they see a world of young people who are always on their phones looking down while texting or updating their status and not looking up and enjoying life so you have something to possibly post about.

I think that digital immigrants have some wisdom to teach the digital natives about some of the timeless things of life.

HT Naomi Cochran
source YouTube