As a parent, I would definitely take issue with the words “spying on your children”. Parental monitoring of your children’s online activity is NOT spying! It is called parenting. I wisely monitor all aspects of my children’s lives–online or offline. It’s my job as a parent.

There should be a weaning of sorts as trust and relationship blossom. But I definitely think it is entirely appropriate to monitor your children’s social network profiles, pictures, conversations, etc.

I find it fascinating and a little sad that parents “wouldn’t do this”!

Hear me when I say this: Your children and teenagers are crying for good, wise, strong and stable authority in their lives. And it is your duty as their parent to provide them (in their online and offline life) the wisdom and strength they need to encounter and engage with this world. Especially as a follower of Jesus!

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  1. It’s sad that parents ‘wouldn’t’ do this! Why not? Your kids WANT you to check on them! They want you to show them what’s right and what’s wrong, not in a demeaning or insulting way but in a loving, gentle way like God disciplines us and shows us right from wrong.

  2. I would agree with “why wouldn’t you”. I have always felt that God has trusted us as parents to raise HIS children. We need to have ongoing dialog with our children about these issues and why we do this as parents. I am also amazed by how many children have facebook pages when technically facebook states you must be 16! or so I thought. Thanks Jeremy for posting and for being another light for my children!

    • Yep, God has entrusted us with our children to wisely lead, guide, instruct, etc. them.

      Facebook has to abide by the rules of COPPA (1998) which is a law that states no website or organization can collect the personal information of a person under the age of 13.

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