How to Play “The Elephant March” Game

You’ll need some pantyhose (I had to tie two “leggings” together to get the length needed), a heavy ball that can swing well (I tried a tennis ball, but it wasn’t quite heavy enough), a case of water bottles, and an area safe enough to swing an “elephant trunk”!

Participants are to place the open end of the pantyhose over their face and the ball is to be placed inside the other end of the pantyhose, creating an “elephant trunk.” Set the water bottles in a line to the right and the left. The further apart and the longer you can make the “march” the more difficult it will be. The game is designed to be completed in 60 seconds or less (minute to win it style) or can be a timed race between participants to see who does it in the shortest amount of time. The participants also have to stay in the middle between the two lines of water bottles on the right and left (otherwise they could just stand over the water bottles and knock them over easily… standing in the middle forces participants to swing the “elephant trunk”!). We used masking tape to mark the places the water bottles should go in between rounds and we laid out a center line for the participants to stay between.

Lots of fun and laughter with this game!!

See the game in action @ Youth Camp

source YouTube

See the game in action @ Middle School Youth

source YouTube