At Kids Camp 2011, one of the counselors had an interesting interaction between two boys that were picking at each other.

One of the boys complained to the counselor who in turn instructed the camper to forgive the other. The boy looked at his leader, scowled and said: “No way! He’s not even sorry!” The counselor shrugged and moved on.

Inevitably the picking continued and the boy tried the counselor’s advice. He told the other boy who was annoying him that he forgave him. Instantly, the other boy looked down at the ground and said: “Sorry.” The boy was shocked and couldn’t believe that it worked!

The counselor was so excited that this young man learned a valuable lesson about forgiveness. Oh if we could all learn that lesson, eh?

Good job, Markus!


  1. Following the death of her son, actress Susan St James said in an interview, “Resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other guys dies.”

    • Yeah, there’s a real practical side to forgiveness for the “forgiver” and the “forgivee”. It releases the strongholds that weigh us down in our hearts, and the “poison” that would otherwise take over our hearts.

      I wonder if forgiveness has a deeper reality to it in that the act of forgiveness is also an act of obedience to God in light of Him forgiving us and a releasing of power withholding forgiveness provides…

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