At the end of the school year, we have what we call the “OREO Bible Quiz” in Main Street. It’s a blend of an end-of-the-year party along with assessing what the students learned as we navigated through the stories of the Bible the past year. And we leverage the ever-popular OREO cookie to accomplish this.

This year there were 50 questions in the quiz on the stories we covered in Main Street – Year 2. We divided them into two teams. We would ask a question, then whoever stood up first on one of the teams got to try and answer the question. If they get it right, that person comes up front and grabs one OREO cookie out of the box and places it on a table or chair. If the person gets it wrong, then it goes to the other team, and back and forth until one team gets it right. When a team places 5 OREO cookies on their respective table or chair up front, then the whole team gets to come up and grab 1 OREO cookie to eat (we also had milk in the back of the room if anyone wanted to compliment their OREO eating experience the right way!). When a team places the next 5 cookies (which would total 10), then the team gets to grab 2 cookies. All in all, the students ate roughly 5-6 OREO cookies that morning. Not too much!

If my memory serves me well (and sometimes it doesn’t!), we have done this tradition for the last 5 years. The students really like it and the tradition has grown to become a highly anticipated event at the end of the year.