Chris Spradlin over at wrote a list of 40 parenting tips in honor of his 40th birthday. It’s a noteworthy list:

1.  Take lots of pictures

2.  Leave notes in your kids lunches


4.  Let your kids fail

5.  Laugh

6.  Stop aggravating your kids!  Still trying to learn this one

7.  Dad’s date your daughters or someone else will

8.  Don’t sweat the bad grades so much

9.  Don’t play favorites, spread your time out equally

10.  Show your kids Jesus, nothing else really matters

11.  Find your kids mentors

12.  Read to them at night

13.  Pray over your kids most nights

14.  Don’t make your kids walk on egg shells

15.  Use your inside voice, no need to scream

16.  If your divorced, JUST GET ALONG

17.  Go to your kids’ games, it means more than you think


19.  Hug your kids everyday

20.  Say “I LOVE YOU” a bunch

21.  Make their favorite snack just because

22.  Ask them “how can I pray for you”

23.  Let them choose the TV station & radio station

24.  When they deserve punishment simply hug them…give irrational grace

25.  Let them jump bed to bed in the hotel

26.  Encourage them to slide down the stairs on a sled

27.  Let them eat on the couch

28.  Get up and dance with them at the wedding reception

29.  Do a Chinese fire drill with your kids…my wife did this last week

30.  Take the toilet papering

31.  Let them skip school

32.  Give them $100 and let them spend it without parameters

33.  Let your controlling kids choose every meal and activity for the day


35.  Sit down and play legos with them…without watching the clock

36.  Give them your cell phone for the entire day

37.  Let them sit in your lap and drive

38.  Encourage them to build a fort in the living room and sleep in it with them

39.  Let them sleep on the trampoline

40.  Deposit Jesus in their heart every single day