I’ve almost had this blog for one year. It’s been fun. As a matter of form, I usually don’t like to talk about the function of blogging (self-promotion) in that I think that content speaks for itself whether it is useful for readers or the internet community at-large. However, I do like to look at trends. So for none other than to give my readers insight into what gets read the most on “jeremymavis.com” here are the top 5 posts from the last year:

Wheel of a Deal | Minute to Win It (video) (533 views)
Adam Meet Eve | The Skit Guys (video) (469 views)
David and Goliath (story & video) (466 views)
Breakfast Scramble – Minute to Win It (video) (292 views)
VBS 2011 @ Hayward Wesleyan (178 views)


  1. i love the story of david and goliath .it tell of a boy over powerd with the will of god . an the morel is we need to face are giants and concer them

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