This past school year, about 10 elementary boys and I (and Pastor Heath and Wes) have really enjoyed playing Nerf battles here in our church building. The tradition kind of started when the students had a half-day of school and someone suggested that we get a couple of people together and play Nerf guns with each other. We didn’t broadcast announce it, just word of mouth and we’ve had around 10 students show up for these.

I’ve got to tell you… these Nerf battles are incredibly fun! Now I’m a particular kind of adult when I play games with kids: I don’t care! I don’t care if I win or lose… all I care about is playing. That’s just the kind of person I am. I’m not super competitive. All I care about is if the kids are having fun or not. So I usually have the least amount of darts and the simplest gun, but we laugh and play hard and it is really fun!

I really like that we have kept it small, but it has turned into a sort of tradition. Every time there is a half-day of school, all these participants are hounding me if we are going to do a Nerf battle. It’s been an amazing conduit for play-filled relationships and great memories!

You should try it sometime!