Every year, on the Saturday before Easter, the children’s ministry @ Hayward Wesleyan Church puts on an event called Easter Eggstravaganza. Prior to the event we stuff around 6500 eggs with candy.

The event starts @ 11:00a with some singing, which Mark Wilson did this year. After some silly and serious singing, we do a character from the life of Jesus (someone who witnessed and interacted with Jesus). This year I was a Roman Centurion. So we sing songs and do a story, all of which last for about 20 minutes. We make it fast.

Then comes the gigantic egg hunt! We split the crowd into two groups and do the egg hunt in two separate places: 1) babies through kindergarten, and 2) grades 1-5.

After the egg hunt, families typically come back inside the church building to open their eggs, grab some popcorn and juice, and share stories of the hunt!

It’s a great annual event for the children in Hayward, one that lets the kids have lots of fun with colored Easter eggs spread all over the church property and also clearly communicates what Easter is all about and who this Jesus guy really is.

All in all we had 500-600 people in attendance. I wasn’t able to grab many pics, but was able to snap some quick ones. Here is a video collage of the Easter Eggstravaganza:

source YouTube