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Solomon Builds the Temple

King Hiram of Tyre visits the Main Street students and informs them of the grand Temple that King Solomon built. An animated video walk-though of the spectacular Temple is shown to give a realistic visual...

Doing the Opposite of What’s Expected

Quite often it is difficult to pin down the ethic of the kingdom of God in our everyday lives. Giving concrete examples of living out the Gospel that go beyond the obvious (reading your...

Solomon Becomes King and Asks for Wisdom

King David dies and his son, Solomon, assumes the throne. The LORD asks young Solomon what he could do for him. Solomon responds by asking for wisdom so he could rule well. The LORD is pleased...

Elijah (video)

My friend Rachel South published this video recently: [vimeo 20305986 w=570 h=428] source Vimeo

David Takes a Census (story & video)

King David decides to count his troops, realizes that was a bad decision (after the fact), has to choose one of three punishments, and buys the porch (threshold) where the plague stopped. Interestingly, the "porch"...

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