A couple of weeks ago I had sent a couple of our Main Street Teachers to a leadership class during our Sunday morning children’s ministry hour. As a result, I ended up “teaching” grades 3-6 in small group time that morning after our large group time. I get to rarely do these kinds of things so I asked them to do some assessment stuff for me.

I had them answer a couple of questions:

  1. What do they think it means to be a “Christian”?
  2. What are the qualities of Jesus that God wants us to be like? (Basically, what are the characteristics of Jesus that made him, and continue to make him, unique?)

Here are the answers they provided:

Question #1 – What does the word “Christian” mean?

  • Follower of God
  • someone who praises the Lord
  • to be a follower of God
  • to believe in God
  • believing in God and the Bible
  • you follow God and believe in God
  • someone who believes in or follows God
  • you are loyal to the Lord or a follower
  • believe in God
  • follower of God and who believes that Jesus died on the cross
  • to love God
  • to be a part of God’s family
  • a person who believes that Jesus Christ died on a cross for them of his own free will because he loves them
  • believer in Jesus
  • Bible follower
  • believer in Jesus and stuff
  • a person who trusts God and listens to God and believes he died for us

Question #2 – Characteristics of Jesus

  • nice
  • powerful
  • graceful
  • best
  • awesome
  • loving
  • humble
  • caring
  • kind
  • helps others
  • doesn’t sin
  • died for us
  • happy
  • dangerous
  • un-mean
  • honest
  • non-hurtful
  • strong
  • brave
  • helpful
  • scary
  • friendly
  • not afraid of anything
  • sweet
  • cares for people
  • Savior
  • grateful
  • generous
  • cool
  • not afraid to do what he needs to do
  • Son of God
  • one of the 3 parts of God
  • forgiver
  • open to everyone
  • weird
  • smile
  • joyful
  • son
  • Lord
  • cries
  • all powerful
  • compassionate
  • miraculous
  • amazing
  • omnipotent
  • wise
  • does right
  • healing
  • holy
  • perfect
  • everlasting
  • never sins
  • magical (heals people)

photo credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash


  1. Some very interesting responses here……I wonder what answers you would get if you asked a random group of kids (or adults!) who aren’t at church.