Quite often it is difficult to pin down the ethic of the kingdom of God in our everyday lives. Giving concrete examples of living out the Gospel that go beyond the obvious (reading your Bible and praying everyday and being nice to everyone) are hard to come by. Every now and then, I come across examples in our culture that touch us in profound ways and model to us what living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ means.

This video is one such story!

source YouTube


  1. Thanks Jeremy for posting this. Hunter and I just watched the video and it is a great reminder for us. We need to be radical in our faith to show Christ to the world. This story brought tears to my eyes. We can, in our community, go out of our way for those others find not worthy. Too many people make bad decisions and just need somebody to be in their court! We pray that Jesus would help us to have selfless hurts and show love to ALL of his people.

    • Yeah, I think we often relegate these “inspirational” videos or stories as just feel good stories that we don’t do “normally.” It seems to me that a kingdom of God ethic illustrated in this story should be normative in the life of Jesus followers and the faith community they are a part of.