One of my daughters is experiencing “fear” lately. She will hear a noise while she’s playing with her sister alone in a room and run out into the living room and report to Mom and Dad what she’s “heard” (they’ve got fantastic imaginations as to what those “noises” might be!).

After bedtime, she came out of her room and said: “Dad, I’m scared. I’m really, really scared!” She was inconsolable. I calmly (with a suppressed grin), walked both girls back to their room and I shared with them what I would do when I was afraid. I would pray to God and repeat a Bible verse from Psalms: “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” I talked about how God is taking care of us and that Dad and Mom are here to protect them as well.

Very seriously, my daughter quipped: “Is that why you have a BB Gun, Dad? You can shoot [it] with your BB Gun.”

“Yep,” I said. “That’s what the BB Gun is for!”

Then they fell asleep soundly.


    • we went downtown with the girls for all of about 3 min, and they were really cold so we went home! at least they got to see a couple of skiers sliding by!

      • So cool.

        We really do hope to be there for the cow bell ringing next year. We HAVE taken up cross country skiing since being back in Wis. – – – bought our gear right there in Hayward at that outdoor gear store on Main Street – – – but I know I will NOT be ready for 54 km by next winter!