Abstaining from Technology?


I’ve been thinking about these kinds of things a lot lately:

I just read this article about a mom who decided that she and her 3 teenagers were going to take a 6 month break from technology. ”My concern,” she says, “was that we had ceased to function as a family. We were just a collection of individuals who were very connected outwards – to friends, business, school and sources of entertainment and information. But we simply weren’t connecting with one another in real space and time in any sort of authentic way.”

I am convinced that these sort of sabbaticals, whether a day, a month or a half year, are becoming increasingly important parts of living a healthy life. The other thing that struck me is the connection she makes between boredom and creativity:

“Anni, Bill and Sussy confronted boredom – something that they were previously unfamiliar with because of their endless access to online entertainment. They found out that it made them resourceful. Indeed, their mother thinks boredom is fundamentally important in terms of creativity: ‘If nothing’s wrong, you’re never motivated to change, to move out of that comfort zone.'”

Wondering your thoughts about the connection of constant stimulus and creativity?

Courtesy of iblogo