Look Like God?


The other day I was disciplining Sari about something and I was talking with her about “why” we (her parents) discipline her. I said something like:

“We want you to grow up and be a girl who doesn’t hit people, a girl who is kind to other people and makes good choices. Basically we want you to grow to look like God, and Jesus helps us with that.”

While I’m saying that last bit, Sari’s forehead wrinkles and she says:

“Daddy, God is a boy. I don’t want to be a boy!”


  1. And just how did you talk your way out of THAT one????

    Kids – – – gotta love ’em!

    One morning when our youngest daughter was about 3 or 4 she looked at me and said, “I’m gonna see Jesus TODAY.”

    My heart dropped right out of me, because sometimes kids seem to “know” about death.

    I said, “Don’t you want to WAIT a while to see Jesus?”

    “Nope – – – I want to see him today.”

    “Well, when you go to see Jesus, you won’t be able to come back and live with us any more.”

    “OK – – – I’ll wait.”