Beyond Atlanta | Creating Space for Volunteers


having enough (programming enough) spaces for people to serve

I love what we do on Sunday morning. I love the simplicity of it. I love the intentionality of storying through the Bible. I love that we are simple blend of large group exciting programming and old-fashioned, Sunday School-type “classes” after the large group time. I love that I have great teachers in those areas. However, in that simplicity of having around 7 staff people @ Main Street (mostly because of the difficulty of getting more helpers and my hesitancy in managing and caring for more helpers/volunteers), I think it crimps the potential of having more people engaged and helping with Main Street.

A couple of years ago I asked our Main Street staff if we should do different programming; if our current model and elements were still accomplishing what we were intending. It was a resounding: CONTINUE!

However, I wonder if what I was asking was foreign to my staff. They thought I was asking them if we should still teach through the Bible chronologically and in an interactive and story-filled way. However, what I meant was less about curriculum scope and sequence and more about flow and elements of that communicate the content and restructuring those elements to allow more people to be involved and serving.

It would be neat to create more opportunities to serve so we can allow and encourage more people to serve. Maybe Hayward Wesleyan Church needs to “campaign” or emphasize serving in and out of the church and celebrate those who are and encourage and place those who are not.