building a culture of volunteerism

Eric Echols (Executive Pastor @ Mountain Lake Church) lives and breathes this idea. At his church they are always asked 2 questions: 1) where are you in community? (small group) and 2) where are you serving? Echols said that 60% of the 2500 people that attend Mountain Lake are involved in serving. Those who are not serving definitely feel uncomfortable for a while until they understand what the culture of the church is about. Echols said that this “culture of volunteerism” has spawned the volunteer movement even outside the doors of the church. 60% of 2500 people is a lot and there are not enough places for these people to serve under the roof of the church, so they partnered with a local community organization and they give hundreds of thousands of man hours. This culture has radically affected the community.

They use the slogan: “Go 1, give 1” which means: go to one worship service yourself and then serve one service.

I wonder what that would look like @ Hayward Wesleyan Church. Now I don’t have the audience with the entire church to simplify our church into these 2 questions Eric talks about above. But I do have influence over the children, youth and their families. I can live and breathe this ideal culture with my volunteers and families. Echols talked about starting small and working larger with time. I can do that. I just wonder how to even start small. Well actually we do have small/lean ministry staff, maybe…

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