Followers is an after school program held every other Monday @ Hayward Wesleyan Church. On October 25, 2010, I took the camera around during the program and snapped shots of the students while they were in their various stations. The video above is a snapshot of “a day in the life of Followers”.

source YouTube


  1. Jeremy, I’ve been so impressed with this program ever since I first heard about it while visiting HWC during the summer, and then of course Aunt Lois can’t stop bragging about how wonderful it is and what a good job you do with it!

    I think she may be right!

    I am NEVER going to move again. This is HARD work and an old lady like me is just plain EXHAUSTED. But we ARE making progress, which you can see if you visit MY place every once in a while – – – – I mean my blog of course.

    • Followers as a program is one of those things that is such a joy to be involved in. There are times when it can be frustrating or discouraging, but overall, the children love it, the volunteers see the need and are enthusiastic, and the church supports it… so it works!