Judge Samson [y2_w08-09]


The cycle of sin continues. The Israelites have been around the cycle 11 times up to this point. Samson (the next Judge) is the 12th. I don’t think the Israelites are quite getting what the LORD wants them to get:

“To be the special representatives of God in the world is to show the world what He is like.”

Samson is tasked with a lifelong charter: To make war against the Philistines. And he did. Samson was a continual thorn in the eye of the Philistines. They eventually got to him, and he eventually got to them.

Note: it’s a long video (30 minutes) because originally we broke Samson’s story into 2 parts (beginning and early parts of his life and exploits, and his interaction and demise at the hand of Delilah and the Philistines). However, because of the combined church service @ LCO we did not have Main Street that week, so we just combined the 2 parts this past Sunday.

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