This evening, October 31st, Hayward Wesleyan Church held its 5th annual Trunk or Treat from 4-6pm. It was a blast!

It’s funny, every year the week leading up to our Trunk or Treat event, I wonder if anyone is going to come, or if the last year was the best and it’s just going to go downhill from here. However this year was another record attendance year. The official count was 1017 kids came through with bags. Add one adult per kid and you’ve got close to 2000 people we gave out candy to in under 2 hours! All of our vehicle participants were amazed at the turnout, and almost every one underestimated the amount of candy they would need. I had to do a last-minute Wal-mart candy fun in the middle of the event because we were almost out of candy! Our parking lot attendants kept the traffic under control during those 2 hours, which was very helpful and important for keeping things safe.

All in all it was a very safe and fun evening of giving out candy and promoting a fun and playful atmosphere on “International Candy Day” (my take on the popular use of Halloween). There are a few things I would do differently logistically, but overall this particular event as an outreach in our community continues to be an amazing success!