Macie’s Birthday Celebration #2


Michelle and Susan (and Judith) are the girls’ daycare providers for 3 days a week. Sari and Macie just love them, and so do Amanda and I. Birthdays @ daycare are special days. They throw meaningful and special parties for their kids. It’s always a fun day when someone has a birthday party @ Michelle and Susan’s. The girls come home with balloons and candy, and often gifts themselves. We knew on Thursday that they would be throwing a party for Macie, so Amanda and I were looking forward to picking the girls up and hearing all about it.

Macie got a doll named “Melody” along with a princess crown and a dolphin. Balloons and candy as well as a wrapped present came home with the girls. Macie and Sari were both all smiles when we picked them up (as you can see from the pictures).

Birthdays are fun, eh?