After learning about Judge Deborah last week, you would think that the Israelites would realize that if they OBEYED and followed God, then their lives would be what God wants for them: to be His light to the nations as His kind of people. Sadly, the Israelites choose to do evil in the sight of the LORD right after Deborah died. So the “Cycle of Sin” continues:


The LORD God sends some pretty bad people to make trouble and hurt the Israelites–the Midianites. While in hiding, the LORD God gets the attention of a man named Gideon and encourages his to stand up and fight. Gideon becomes the next Judge and does some interesting good and bad things in the process. One thing we’ve been telling the students as we talk about the cycle of sin is that it’s a downward cycle… and the judges will be getting worse and worse themselves.

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  1. The “occasion” of the Israelites heading toward “doing bad” is when the Judge dies… the “cause” of their actually “doing bad” is expressed in the text of Scripture: “In those days when Israel had no king, everyone did what was right in their own eyes.” I was trying to stick with big categories in the cycle, and we did explain each week what caused the movement between the Israelites doing good and then eventually doing bad.

    The interesting part in teaching kids these biblical themes and overarching concepts is that they understand its contextualization. They know how easy it is to go from doing good one minute and what precipitates doing bad the next minute! Application with kids is easy in these regards!