Comparing and Competing


Sari started gymnastics a little over a week ago. She did great! The class is called: “Tumbling with Tots” which means that parents get to tumble/coach with their aspiring gymnast. It’s really fun! Sari got to jump and balance and climb and fall.

After the first class I was processing my behavior and thoughts while I was “tumbling” with Sari. I was shocked with how easy I compared my daughter and her abilities with the other 3-4 year olds. I was gauging how Sari could to the “lobster” and the “bridge” better than others, and how Sari listened and participated better than others. On the flip side, there were a couple of things Sari could not do that most other kids could do, like jump up with two feet and fall straight back. I also felt pride when Coach Cara praised Sari for her tuck and pike. However I felt dismay when Coach Cara chided Sari for her lack of patience.

I had never felt those kinds of feeling before. And I couldn’t believe I was thinking them! I’ve typically been hard on parents that do those kinds of things (when I hear about them), but now that I’m a parent and my kids are involved in organized things, I’m convicted with how I’ve judged people in the past. And I’m convicted with how I “compared” and “competed” in my mind and thoughts.

Is it difficult for you, too?