I spent a large part of my day on Thursday (10.14.10) reading, searching, perusing blogs, watching, cataloging, etc on the internet. I don’t usually get time to do that, but it really sparks my creativity as well as ideas of what is being done “out there” in the world, and what are things we can do here (particularly in Hayward) with these various ideas.

The above graphic is a good example. I read a lot about technology and the use of social media and how the internet and the collaboration on it has changed our world and behavior. It was good to come across something simple and time-tested: community.

  • What does it mean to be a part of a community?
  • How do I, as a citizen of (insert your particular community here), participate and engage my immediate world?

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  1. Being part of Davenport, Wa means… It’s Friday 6:00pm, I’m checking on a rental property 10 minutes from town.. I arrive to a SWAMP. HELP!! A pipe broke and water has been shooting out of the pump house for weeks! I make one phone call to the 80 year old man that drilled the well. He knows my name, my family name, and recalls the day he drilled that well (10 years ago ). He explains how to fix the problem, and tells me he can be there in 20 minuites if needed. Life Saver! His company will drill my next well.
    This is one of the many stories I have like this. Many people have not been exposed to a community and have missed out on this amazing experience and the feeling of a family that is extends beyond blood. It’s in the roots of the community.
    Just one more thing that has stuck with me. The day I graduated high school as I head out on my journey to Arizona State University, (the freshman class was larger than the community I grew up in) a member of the community reminds me,”don’t ever forget where you came from, we will always be here for you.”

    • Haley, I love your story! I think our culture longs for that kind of a tenured connection, however, we seem to move around a lot now and some of those “tenured” connections go away or are lost. Cool story, though!

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