Toys, Toys, Toys!


Last night, Amanda had a bold plan: she wanted to go through ALL the girls toys. The plan was to organize the ones we wanted to keep and throw out or donate the ones the girls had outgrown or didn’t play with anymore.

3 1/2 hours later… DONE.

The girls had the most fun! They got to play with toys that they hadn’t seen in months! It was like Christmas and birthday presents times 100. They loved it! It was the best of both worlds: the parents got to clean and organize and feel refreshed at excess thrown out, and the girls got to play with an abundance of toys and seen it all strewn about!


  1. I remember doing projects like this when my kids were little – – – only if they SAW me doing it, they cried over every toy I tried to weed out! I had to be sneaky and do it when they were in bed or something.

    • they were playing and focused so intently on ALL the toys that they didn’t “see” Amanda and I slowly weeding out the bad ones…