Last week @ msy YOUTH (middle school youth group @ Hayward Wesleyan) we went over the story of Jacob found in Genesis 25, 27-33. Our current intern, Sarah, and I, read through a graphic Bible story book and narrated the characters throughout Jacob’s story. I cut it all together with pictures from the book and we showed it to the students last week. We were looking for a way to share Jacob’s whole story but do it in an exhaustive, but succinct way. This worked.

We also did the story of Joseph last week as well. We used The Skit Guys to tell that story (found here).

I ended up comparing the two characters – Jacob and Joseph – as we navigate our way through the story of the Bible this year @ msy YOUTH. Jacob displayed an overall negative, disobedient and deceiving role throughout his life, while Joseph displayed integrity in the various places the LORD God led him on his rise to power and influence in the land of Egypt.

The interesting thing about these two prominent men in the book of Genesis is that God used them both in his overarching plan to “fix this world through his kind of special people in order to make his kind of world.” He used Jacob’s deception to His end, and He used Joseph’s integrity to His end. I guess the question is: what kind of person do you want to be?