Sunday, September 5, 2010, in Main Street, we kicked off the school year with the continuation of the Bible stories from last year. At the end of the school year (back in May) we left the Israelites on the edge of the Promised Land (Canaan). Moses had just given his “going away” speech, because was not going to be making the journey into the Promised Land due to his disobedience.

The story opens with the LORD talking with Joshua, encouraging him in leadership and strength as well as obedience.

The LORD reminds Joshua of the Abrahamic Covenant (the 3 p’s as the students in Main Street know):

  • People (the Israelites),
  • Presence (“I will never leave you nor forsake you”),
  • and Place (promised land, Canaan).

Joshua sends 2 spies in to the city of Jericho to gather information.

They almost get caught but a woman named Rahab hides them on her roof and sends the guards off looking in the hills. Rahab communicates the fear of the inhabitants of Jericho because they know that the LORD God of heaven and earth is fighting for the Israelites. She asks to be saved from the coming destruction because she helped them. They agreed.

The spies return to Joshua and the Israelite camp (on the edge of the Jordan River).

Read Joshua 1:1 – 2:24

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