It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m at home. All the girls are sleeping (Mom and the kids). It’s really quiet.

In moments like this, I try to remember what life was like before Amanda and I had kids. Our house is typically not this quiet when we are home. However, before we had kids, it was this quiet all the time. I wonder, what did we use to do with the time? It’s hard to remember… it’s not that long ago. Sari is only 3 1/2, you would think it would be easy to remember, but it’s not! A lot has happened in the last 3 1/2 years! Crazy how quickly life can change.

I’m good with it most days. I really like my kids and the life that I presently live. Sometimes I wish there wasn’t as much screaming and fighting, but I guess it comes with having 2 girls that are 21 months apart. That might be why I am really noticing that it is quiet right now–there is no screaming!

I guess I really enjoy the things that I didn’t expect with kids (which is almost everything!!). Things like:

  • piggy back rides downstairs to feed the cats
  • screaming and running to the front door when I come home from work
  • cuddling in the morning when they wake up in a good mood
  • watching them run around the dining room table and hide under it because I am chasing them
  • yell: “Dad, give me an underdog!” on the swing-set outside
  • the simple joy of helping them go to the bathroom ON THEIR OWN!
  • their sadness when one of us is leaving (Mom or Dad)
  • the look on their faces when they see a playground, a trampoline, or Uncle Gabe
  • repeating a request about 25 times until they get your attention
  • watching them make new discoveries
  • spend hours and hours playing with their toys, babies, coloring pictures, or playdough

All of these things and more make me really happy to be a Dad. Oh, yeah, it can be real frustrating at times (especially @ 2:00am), but that special moment that is always around the corner that makes you smile and enjoy parenting makes it worth it.

It’s still quiet.