It’s precarious to summarize the Bible in one sentence, especially when its 66 books long containing hundreds of thousands of words and multiple interconnected stories.  But it’s helpful to start with something so to not lose the forest for the trees.

When I was at Wisconsin Wilderness Campus (WWC), Mark Jalovick had such a working statement: From Genesis to Revelation, God is seeking to rebuild his kingdom through obedient servants for the purpose of world redemption.

During this next school year (2010-2011), we are going to go through the Bible with the Middle School Youth group.  I wanted to use Mark’s statement as a reoccurring thematic statement every week–something the students can remember and repeat every week for the whole school year–however, I felt that it needed to be “reworded”.  Here it is:

The Bible is about God continually working to fix this world through his kind of special people in order to make his kind of world.

The Bible – Genesis to Revelation
God – as revealed in the Bible, Elohim, Yahweh, triune, Father/Son/Spirit
continually working – active presence and involvement
fix – right / redeem the wrong of the Fall
this world – broken humanity and creation
his kind of special people – Israel, Jesus, the church
make – craft/ redeem / procure his will on earth as it is in heaven
his kind of world – true humanity, the kingdom of God, heaven

Any other ideas or edits?


  1. Finally it hit me! this: The entire Bible .. all 66 books.. are interwoven. The more you read the old testament, the more you understand the WHY of the new testament.
    The more you understand.. (or see the connection )… the more you appreciate.
    I used to assume that most of the Bible had been adulterated by human who had their own agenda.
    But there is no way the entire Bible could fit together the way it does unless the words were divinely true.
    BIG thank you to everyone who has ever helped me with the Bible.. that especially means the KIDS!

  2. “God is seeking to rebuild his kingdom through obedient servants for the purpose of world redemption” Exactly. from the era of Moses till Paul the apostle, God’s purpose in the books of the bible is to rebuild his kingdom and he only used people who were obedient enough to follow his precepts.

    • Remnant. While the nation of Israel as a whole were disobedient (not all the time, but very frequently), there was always a remnant of “obedient” servants who the LORD continued to use… I wonder if that is still true today?

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