I love my two kids.  They are really fun!  I took this picture @ their daycare.  As I pulled in the driveway, Michelle (one of our daycare providers) was just finishing up the braids in Sari’s hair.  They both looked so cute and pretty as I pulled closer into the driveway.

Now I’m a guy.  Tough.  Don’t cry much at all.  However, seeing these looks on their precious faces made my throat choke a bit.  I was trying not to tear up too badly as I got out of the truck, and as they proceeded to plow me over with their excited hugs.  I commented on how pretty they looked, snapped this photo, then loaded them up in the Blazer for the ride home.

Two things occurred to me on the drive home: 1) how precious these two, young lives are, and 2) how fast time flies.

I cannot believe how special it is to be a parent.  I mean it is entirely frustrating most times (especially these seemingly “needy” years), but yet, moments like the photo above seem to make the overwhelming frustrations worthwhile.  I’m reminded often that we are raising and assisting two human lives here, and we get a front row seat of sorts to their joys and sorrows, happiness and pain.

As I visited almost a dozen graduation parties this past May/June with my 2 daughters in tow, I was told by nearly every single parent of the graduates (and some others) how it seemed that their son or daughter was the age of my kids not that long ago.  Telling them, “I know, it seems like only yesterday Sari was born” seemed trite because for them the range was 18 years while mine was only 3 years.  However, time does fly by if you’re not paying attention (and even if you are!).

I guess I want to make sure that I am paying attention as often as I can.  Because these two little kids are really funny, and extremely precious and cute.