Worship With The Mind

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hayward Wesleyan Church

Stand Alone Message

Scripture Reference
Mark 12:29-31

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Are you serious God?! Really?! You want me to love and worship you with a:

  • decrepit heart
  • a malnourished soul
  • a warped mind
  • and a weak will?

Some of us may find that church on Sunday morning is kind of:

  • an oasis for your heart
  • a get away from those thoughts and questions that plague our minds
  • a place where strength is restored
  • and our soul is nourished

Do you find that on Monday things are a little different in your spirit than they were on Sunday morning when we were all together?

Do you find that as the week goes on, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that the oasis has turned into a parched desert, strength is weakening, your soul is left unattended, and your mind turned off?

Do you find that on Friday and Saturday, as you are reeling from the heavy demands of work, family and community commitments that the week held, you find yourself in desperate need again of that luscious oasis, place of light and love, a five-course meal for the soul, and answers and thoughts to the questions your mind has been free to ponder and ask?

If you find yourself in this frequent weekly (or monthly) rhythm, then you probably suffer from a condition known as RSS: Restless Sunday Syndrome