Moses Messes Up

Numbers 20:1-13

Things have really been going badly for the people of Israel, the people of God.

First, they refused to enter the land, thus sentenced to wander till that generation died.

Second, Korah and his delinquent followers put up a smoke screen for a coup d’etat and ended up suffering the wrath and judgment of God.

Third, the people believed and followed the rebellers up to the point of judgment then ran screaming and afraid and some ended up dying as well.

Fourth, it took the budding of Aaron’s staff to visually prove to the people who was God’s pick for high priest and not of any cunning or manipulation on the part of Moses or Aaron. Things have got to look better, right? Well, as is a common phrase: things usually get worse before they get better. That is true in the case of this story.

Curriculum y1_w36 – Moses Messes Up [260kb, PDF]
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Year 1, Week 36 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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