The Korah Rebellion and the Budding of Aaron’s Staff

Numbers 16:1-50; 17:1-13

The people had disobeyed. They were to wander for forty, long years in the wilderness. The story below follows those grave decisions to complain, wail, and rebel. In addition, the people were getting sick and tired of Moses and Aaron telling them what to do. I mean, who are they? Do they think they are special or something? So, like all the other times, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Now, think for a second, even before we read this story: is this going to be a good thing challenging the leadership of Moses? Or a bad thing? Based on the previous studies of this sinful, yet human people group, I think we can make an educated, accurate guess.

Curriculum y1_w35 – The Korah Rebellion and the Budding of Aarons Staff [308kb, PDF]
Graphic y1_w35 – The Korah Rebellion [493kb, JPG]
Coloring Sheet The-Korah-Rebellion-and-the-Budding-of-Aarons-Staff [61kb, PDF]

Year 1, Week 35 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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