Twelve Spies, Rebellion and Wandering

Numbers 13:1—14:45

Being in the desert was not optimal for the people (in their eyes). They deserved better (or so they thought) than what God was giving them. And who could blame them? They had been trekking in the desert on foot for a long time (possibly a year already), carrying everything they owned with them. Nowadays we have U-Hauls and Mayflower movers, but back then they did not. All they had been eating up to this point has been manna, which for a while was cool, but like all human reactions, once it gets old you want something else (i.e. meat & potatoes). So this is the state of the Israelite condition: they are tired, ready to enter the land, they want God’s blessing now, they want to rest, but they do not want to obey to get it, as we shall see.

Enter chapter 13 of the book of Numbers. A casual reader would think, “Yes! We are finally getting somewhere. These miserable people are finally going to get a break!” And so they might.

Curriculum y1_w34 – Twelve Spies Rebellion and Wandering [306kb, PDF]
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Year 1, Week 34 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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