Cloud, Fire and Quail at Mount Sinai

Numbers 9:15—10:36; 11:1-35

The story ends in the book of Exodus with the nation of Israel poised at Mount Sinai awaiting further direction. They had just received instruction on the construction of the tabernacle and they built it. They had just received plenty of rules and regulations to govern them as a people in the book of Leviticus. And now they are ready to do their duty as a nation—the kingdom of priests, the holy nation, and the light to all the other nations.  Well, almost…

The book of Numbers opens up with a census and some more various instructions regarding life and living. Then we get to chapter nine and we find more instructions regarding the tabernacle. On the day that the Tabernacle was set up the cloud of the Lord covered and rested upon the tent. At night it looked like fire and during the day it was a cloud. Whenever the cloud lifted from above the Tabernacle the Israelites were supposed to follow the cloud, and when the cloud stopped the people were to stop and camp. The cloud moving was to be seen as a command from the Lord and legally binding.

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Year 1, Week 33 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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