Water and Food in the Desert

Exodus 15:22 – 18:27

This section contains many stories of what happened with the Israelites after the Red Sea incident. Bitter water turned to sweetwater, manna and quail coming from the heavens to provide nourishment, water from the rock on Mount Sinai, the Amalekites defeat with the arms of Moses being held up, and the visit of Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law and his advice on management of time, are all stories told in this section. The common thread throughout this narrative is the constant complaining and grumbling of the Israelites.

After they had passed through the Red Sea and seen the Lord deliver them by his great hand, they began to complain after three days because they could not find water suitable to drink. “What are we to drink?” they complained. Moses cried out to the Lord and by throwing a piece of wood into the water it made it sweet to drink. The Lord told them that if they obeyed the voice of the Lord and did what was right in His eyes, then the people would not suffer any of the diseases that were brought upon the Egyptians. They obeyed—for a short while.

When they were in the desert for a while they began to complain again…

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Year 1, Week 28 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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