The Escape From Egypt

Exodus 12:31 – 14:31

Apparently the final plague was too much for the hard-hearted Pharaoh. He just could not contend and be stubborn against the God of the Israelites. So during the night, Pharaoh summoned Moses and told him that all the Israelites could leave (with no more conditions). “Go, worship the Lord as you have requested. Take your flocks and herds, as you have said, and go. And also bless me” (Exodus 12:31-32). Pharaoh released his grip on the people of Israel and let them leave.

All the Egyptians urged the people to leave as well. Just think, plagues had ravaged their country, their land, their livestock, and their very children, they were left with next to nothing. They wanted the Israelites out of their land to spare them further misery and heartache. As the Israelites left, they plundered the Egyptians. They actually asked for things and the Egyptians gave it to them (Exodus 12:36).

And so the people began the journey, the mass exodus from the land of Egypt. Men, women and children, livestock, food, and the articles of gold and silver they took from the Egyptians, all began the journey to the Promised Land. Freedom. They were no longer slaves of an angry and oppressive ruler. The Lord had delivered them from their enemies. And now 600,000 men strong, they ventured into the unknown, led by a former Egyptian, into a land they did not know, and following a God they did not yet trust. They had been in the land of Egypt for 430 years to the very day (Exodus 12:40-41).

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Year 1, Week 27 Bible story from the Main Street Curriculum


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